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'Weed Girl' - Lighter Sleeve collaboration with Marble Slinger featuring his Emerald Girl design mirrored and on both sides. The design was printed on textured nappa leather and wrapped on an anodized/plated aluminum sleeve or sterling silver sleeve. Only 25 sleeves were produced, 21 released to the public. Only 1 gold plated sleeve and 1 sterling silver sleeve was released in this drop. The gold plated sleeve is plated with 24K Gold. The Sterling Silver Sleeve is just under 3 oz's of pure silver with 2 blue topaz set into the bottom lip. Each color has only 2 or 3 created, and each color sleeve has different color thread making every sleeve 1/1 of a 25 piece set. Each sleeve comes packaged in a matching 4"6" drawstring pouch made of velvet. Made by Mike Clinton.

Weed Girl - Slinger Collab

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